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Hello, and welcome! My name is Laura, if you couldn’t tell, and this is my blog. Well, my blog 2.0.

See, up until now I was operating under “There Goes Laura” and for many reasons, that worked. It was travel based, and I am Laura after all. But with time, we change and grow. It’s inevitable. And the more I spend time with God, the more I see Him pushing me to grow and step outside of my comfort zone.

I’m an introvert at heart. My dream life would be traveling the world (mostly alone), spending time with God, serving Him, writing anything and everything, learning new things, and drinking a lot of warm tea. No where in that dream of mine, did I ever imagine having a blog where I would share more than my latest travel itinerary. I don’t even have personal social media. I’m as private as it gets. But God.

I love writing, and about two years ago, I felt like I should start a blog. God had laid it on my heart, so I ran with it. Because of my love for travel, that seemed natural, so that is what I did. I built a travel blog, built some social media relationships with other travel bloggers, and started writing. It didn’t take long, however, for that to dwindle. I didn’t want to take one more step without knowing exactly where God wanted me to go. So, I prayed, a lot. And He moved. Faith and travel it is then. Time to share God’s love.

Until that dwindled. Quickly. And again, I spent time with God figuring this all out. Knowing and following God’s will for my life has been one of my number 1 priorities over the last two years, every morning when I wake up my goal is to follow His will for me that day. I didn’t want to write just to write, and grow to grow, I wanted to do what He wanted me to do. The best place to be is inside of His will. So, I prayed, a lot. And He led me, again.

Every time I had doubts, He answered those doubts in the most God like of ways. Things I couldn’t explain in worldly terms. He just showed up and showed me exactly what He wants me to do. Stop trying to fit inside a box. Stop labeling whatever THIS is. Stop. And stop is what I did. I can get inside my own head at times, and it is something I work on daily. It’s hard to hear God when your own mind won’t shut up, you know?

Anyone with a successful blog will know, one of the first things they teach you is “find a niche and be specific”. If you aren’t specific, you won’t grow. You MUST have a niche. Travel is not even specific enough. Are you a budget travel blog? Luxury? Full-time? Part-time? Solo? Those things are instilled in us as bloggers, and I tried to fit inside a box I was never meant to fit in. I’ve never followed the crowd. I’ve never done what everyone else is doing. So, why now? Why with my blog, that is my place to be me?

When I tried to transition from travel to faith and travel, it still wasn’t enough. Why am I trying to be something specific? Well, not anymore. This is my blog, and this is me. So, going forward, what can you expect? Well, mostly faith-based articles. Seriously, God has given me more to write than I can keep up with at times. I carry a notebook around just to write ideas down as they come. Even though I’ve been away from the internet for a while, I haven’t stopped writing. I will still write some travel pieces, and the occasional lifestyle articles as well. I want this to be a blog without borders, that shouts the love of God and honors Him in everything that goes on here. There are good things coming friends.

If you started following me for travel and travel only, I’m sorry. I hope you stick around, because you are awesome! And if you are new here, I’m so glad! Each one of you matters, and that is the message I want to send. As always, follow along on my social media, and subscribe here to stay up to date with new post when they go live. Thank you for following, reading, and being awesome. There are good things ahead friends. XO

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