How To Rock A Staycation

If you follow me on social media, or have read some of my recent posts, then you know I work a full-time job outside of the travel industry. What that comes down to, time off is few and far between. I feel as if I have mastered seeing the world on two weeks’ vacation a year. *Disclaimer: I don’t see as much of the word that I would love. * So how do I make every day an adventure? I see local and I stay local. I live in Atlanta and there is never a lack of activities in the city on any given weekend. Plus add North Georgia and any surrounding city, and I could have a new adventure twice a week for life. There is something to do in any place you live, big or small. So, you can’t take a week-long vacation this year for whatever reason? Don’t worry. You can still have adventures. I’ve got you covered.

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Rock the Staycation
Where ever you may live, there is surely something new to discover. Or maybe an old favorite you haven’t done or seen in a while. Here are some of my favorite things to do on weekends when I can’t go far.

Go see a play or musical. I’m very lucky that Atlanta is my hometown, and the Fox theatre has no shortage of events. It’s not something I do often, so when it happens, it’s a special treat. Much like a vacation.

A Local Fall Festival

Georgia is incredible. In two hours, I’ve got mountains and hiking and waterfalls galore. So on a Saturday, I’ll pick a state park and go adventure.

Go explore a small town you don’t ever go to. Even if there is no big draw to it (so you think), you can always find something quirky to do. Find an antique store, a cute restaurant, a unique clothes store, café, etc.

Go to a festival. A farmer’s market. A state fair. Anything. I love a good fall festival, and Georgia has no shortage of these. I may even do a blog post of my favorite festivals in Georgia, if anyone is interested.

Go to the zoo. Or aquarium. Or the World of Coke. Or a ball game. Or the mall to people watch. Make a day of it, a night of it, or even a weekend of it. A trip to Ikea is like a mini-vacation for me. I always choose to make it special and spend a whole day in the area. Even something as small as an awesome store, can become a day filled with memories.

Hiking Locally

Weekend Getaways
This is a short one, because I feel that it needs no explanation. My favorite part of travel, the weekend getaway. Yes, I love international travel (writing this from the airport headed towards Amsterdam as we speak) and big trips. Who doesn’t? But when you work a job that requires more than a full-time commitment, you do what you can. So go find a new town or city close by! Even if you have been there before, pick one or two new things to do or see in that city. Here is how.

Make the most of the holidays and three-day weekends. Fourth of July? Take the day before and after. Thanksgiving? Take the Friday after. New Years. Christmas. Presidents Day. If you are lucky enough to have a job with holidays throughout the year, take advantage of that time off. *Disclaimer: Holidays are the most expensive time to travel. But it is a price I am willing to pay. You can do it cheap (stay outside of the city center, etc.) but it may not be for everyone. *

DO NOT waste vacation time for small things. That dentist appointment? I schedule it at 4:00 PM and go into work early that day. Car needs an oil change? Saturdays exist for a reason. Everyone has a day off(hopefully, if not I am so sorry!) so use your day off to your advantage. And use your vacation days to see the world.

Zoo Day

What is your secret to a great weekend getaway? Or how do you make the most of the city you live? Tell me in the comments below. And as always, following me on social media to hear when the next post is up. XOXO

22 Comments on “How To Rock A Staycation

  1. These are all great suggestions! The older I get, the more I see that there is so much to explore in your own city. I love checking out nearby smaller towns and checking out a festival or a farmer’s market are also things I have started to do 🙂

    1. Yes! I have lived in Atlanta my whole life, and still haven’t seen everything the city has to offer. Glad you liked the post!

  2. i’m with you, sisterrrr! 😀

    except for me, as i’m in indonesia, when it comes to three-day weekend, i won’t bother to take the leave before and after as so many places will be full of tourists, instead i will choose one or two days a week after that because normally the number of visitors will be low by then, and i’d enjoy the place more than when i had to share with others. *i’m selfish as we speak 😛

    also, it won’t hurt anyone if you try to stay at some random hotel or even motel in the city where you live. i do that every once in awhile, when the budget fits. 🙂

    1. I am totally with you! I would rather go when there are less other visitors, and a overnight in your hometown is always such a good idea! Thanks for the comment.

  3. I love a good staycation! I teach English abroad and move around every couple of years, so staycations are a great way for me to explore my current area. I find that once you get into the habit of taking advantage of the little things – farmer’s markets, festivals, street art – you generally become more appreciative 🙂

  4. I feel like you’re writing this for me! I need to learn to get better at enjoying where I’m at, because I’m a full time student (and about to graduate). As much as I’d love to ditch the job and travel the world, realistically I’m going to be living the 2 week vacation life.

    1. Yes! I only get two weeks vacation a year, but I have really mastered making the most of that time. So glad you enjoyed it and congrats on graduating!

  5. We so agree with you. Since we travel with a family of 4, cost can be exorbitant. But, we have found endless things to do in and around our hometown. Sometimes you can get inexpensive annual memberships to local attraction that make them sweet deals. We are fortunate to have any number of state and national parks and hiking trails to make weekend getaways easy and enjoyable.

  6. As you say, ‘making the most of the city one lives in’ is so important. Why should one have to wait so long to enjoy oneself on the next vacation. There are unlimited things to enjoy around us…all we have to do is look.

  7. It’s very easy to forget about the incredible things you have close to home. Whenever I come back to England I try stay a traveller and explore my hometown and surrounding places just like I do other countries!

  8. I love this post. Everyone, including me probably, things travel means you have to leave your hometown and you clearly show us that you don’t. Rediscover it, find something new to do…that’s the key!

  9. It is indeed a paradox that most of the times we set our sights on faraway shores when we think of travel. But there are so many experiences waiting in our own cities and backyards. We too reserve weekends to explore new places around our city, catch up on the theatre scene or just go for a long drive and see a sunrise in the wilderness.

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