Hi friends! My name is Laura and I am so glad you are here on this blog! But what exactly is this blog, and why should you stick around?

Well, I am an early 30-something year old, travel obsessed, 8-5er by day and writer by night. What started as a travel blog under the name “There Goes Laura” in 2017 has developed into a place to share stories. And not just any stories, stories full of life.

I am in love with this world. The people, places, architecture, landscapes, animals, history, cultures, food, and everything in between. This world is an incredible place. And because of my love of the world, I have a love for travel. Actually, can I have a minute to confess something here? I am a travel addict and the road to recovery is no where in sight.

I am either traveling, reading about travel, writing about travel, planning a trip, planning someone else’s trip, watching travel vlogs, daydreaming about travel, or being distressed because I am not traveling. I also love writing, history, photography, and architecture. And the most important thing of all, I love God. This world He created is a beautiful place, and I want to showcase that while sharing of His love and telling of His grace.

Laura Ann Ewing (Hi, that’s me!) is a place for friends. Here you will find travel itineraries from trips I have taken, funny stories of failures that I have had, post on studies I have done in the Bible, real life let downs, personal blog post (hello my very own place to rant!), and encouraging stories of forgiveness, love, grace, and so much more!

When you leave here, I hope you have had a laugh, found something encouraging, learned something new about a destination (or yourself). But most of all, I hope you can say “That God she talked about sure is something special.”

And since you are here, I’d love to tell you more about myself! So stick around, sign up for my email list and join the fun (I won’t spam you, pinky promise!), follow me on social media, and check out my about me where I go into far too much detail about myself.

I really am so glad you are here, the adventure is just beginning…

XO, Laura